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How Racist Are You? Jane Elliott’s Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes, and Angry Eyes Exercise


Jane Elliott (born May 27, 1933, Riceville, Iowa)[1] is an American former schoolteacher, recognized most prominently as an anti-racism activist and educator. She is also known as a feminist and LGBT activist. Elliott created the famous “blue-eyed/brown-eyed” exercise, first done with third-grade school children in the 1960s, which later became the basis for her career in diversity training. The exercise was conducted the day following Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. The purpose of the exercise was to try to teach her students the effects of being a minority.[2] Her exercise, and the subsequent controversy, became the basis for the television documentaries Eye of the Storm (1970) and A Class Divided (1985). Elliott was also recipient of the National Mental Health Association Award for Excellence in Education and many other awards.

Born May 27, 1933 (age 81)
Riceville, Iowa
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Social equality and anti-racism activist, diversity trainer
Known for “Blue-eyed/Brown-eyed” exercise (


You’re probably more racist than you care to admit. Most of the time people are treated unfairly because of their differences, according to Jane Elliott’s Brown Eyes Blue Eyes exercise. Are people with brown eyes smarter and some people with blue eyes racist? During the Blue eyes Brown Eyes Exercise groups are separated according to their eye color. The exercise proves that when people with blue eyes are treated the way that people of color, gays, and women are treated they react the same way. They get angry.

This exercise has been done since 1968. Most of us are not aware of the contributions that brown eyed people/ people of color have made to society. We live in a racist society and we are educated by a racist school system that only teaches us about white contributions. If we start telling truth in schools we would not have racism. We could cure racism in this country. Racism isn’t inbred. It is a learned response. You have to be taught to be a racist.


You are not born racist. You are born into a racist society. People President’s Joint Council on Mental Health in 1959 as being the #1 mental health problem among children in the United States. No one wants to say the word color because no one wants to recognize differences. Differences need not been seen as negative, it aught to be alright to be different.

If you are raised white in America and you are not prejudice then you’re a miracle. It means that the school system has failed. The school system in this country is about maintaining the Status-Quo. In schools they teach white supremacy.— Jane Elliott

There is no such thing as a white group. You all have the same great great… grandmother from over 2,000 years ago and she was a black female.

All White people are raised with some racist beliefs, even though they may not want to admit it. It is possible to recondition racist beliefsJane Elliott


The day after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed I decided to do an exercise that would help my students to understand racism. White people’s number one Freedom in America is to be totally ignorant about those who are other than white. The number two freedom is to deny that they are ignorant. I want everyone to be aware of how the system works. Laws are made to support white superiority and when others catch on to how it works (the system) the laws are changed.— Jane Elliott

I didn’t invent this exercise I learned this from Adolph Hitler. When people of color get tired of being exposed to racism they can’t just walk out because there no place for them to go. Racism is based on power. People shouldn’t deny differences they should accept them and appreciate them.

Jane Elliott wants white people in this society to know what it feels like to be something other than white. She has been doing this exercise for approximately 46 years. If you want to see a decrease in the level of racism in this country and your society the first thing you’ve got to do is let white people know how it feels to be on the receiving end of it.

In America there is a strong divide. In Britain it’s more subtle. those in power put things in a way to make you operate from a disadvantaged position. Because it doesn’t effect you, it doesn’t exist

We are conditioned to the myth of white superiority before birth.

What are your thoughts about the exercise? Do you think that a melting pot can exist in America where we realize differences and accept them without being racist? Is racism truly about power? Please comment below!

“Are People Born Gay or Is it a Learned Behavior?”


Dear Followers,

I would like to know what you think. Some straight people say: hey!… you support gays. Me: I support love, acceptance, and peace. I support the right to be human and to not live life in fear. I support freedom. I support love. Being Black in America is challenging enough. Sometimes it hurts. You are judged a lot of times, based on how you look rather than who and what you are. Now put yourself in other’s shoes… then imagine being gay… a gay adult or child in America. Imagine someone judging you or your child. Imagine having to live a lie or keeping secrets because society doesn’t accept you. How do you respond? How does it make you feel? If you are anti-gay please do your research before commenting.


★彡 Wh🇪🇳✖ Yo🇺✖ 🇷🇪🇩🇺🇨🇪✖ L🇮🇫🇪✖ 🇹o✖ 🇧la🇨🇰✖ a🇳🇩✖ Wh🇮🇹🇪✖ Yo🇺✖ 🇳ever✖ 🇸🇪🇪✖ rainbow🇸 彡★


If you’re lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, or questioning there is nothing that will change that. You can either live your life as a lie and die early from stress, or embrace and accept who you are. It’s your choice. It’s your life. Http:// The world is not divided into sheeps and goats. Not all things are black nor all things white. It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories. Only the human mind invents categories and tries to force facts into separated pigeon-holes. The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects. The sooner we learn this concerning sexual behavior the sooner we shall reach a sound understanding of the realities of sex.

– Alfred Kinsey



The responses below were pulled from==>
godjphat Nobody Is Born Gay Im Sorry I Just Dont Believe Its A Gay Gene.
fantasy_5 Did you do your research before responding or is your response based on personal feelings? @godjphat And what is the gay gene when straight parents give birth to gay babies. Please explain.
codac504 I thnk some are born with gay in em& somethn triggers it somewhere in life. Then u have some dat experience somethn dat make em dat way. These days u have some dat seem like they doin cuz they thnk its cool
blazinbutterfli Ive heard people say that they were born gay. I dont believe they were born that way. I think its something that happened in their life that pushed them away from the opposite sex so they became attracted to same sex…for example rape, previous bad relationships, or just watching others in bad relationships. You cant really say they were born that way because most behavior is learned and at one point in time being gay was considered a mental illness. I mean think about it as a baby you are new to everything…pretty much everything…but ijs i dont discriminate…
fantasy_5 Okay. If people can be born with mental disorders or physical disabilities… why can’t they be born gay? Can you explain gay children that grew up in a straight household that were probably not molested or taught to be gay or exposed to the gay lifestyle? @blazinbutterfli
created2_zamar My opinion: Being homosexual is a learned behavior. We all have opportunities to become whatever we choose from birth, it’s the experiences that we go through while on this journey that shapes us into who we become. It’s all about what you allow in your spirit that shapes what manifests in our lives. The more you think of anything, it becomes you. Success, homosexual, religious,etc.
fantasy_5 I agree. That’s a great answer. @codac504
fantasy_5 I agree and disagree with your response. Yes, we all have opportunities to become whatever we choose, but why would people choose to be something that they are hated for and judged constantly because of it? For example: I’m black I love it, some people hate it, but it’s who I am and I embrace it. I didn’t choose it and if given the opportunity to choose… I would still choose to be me. @created2_zamar
industryimage From a genealogy aspect, there is no such thing as a gay gene… For this to be scientifically possible, it would require a human consisting of both female AND male genes to impregnate another person with female AND male genes, these types of humans do not exist (sex changes don’t count cause they still have the genes they were born with)… @created2_zamar answer is the direct cause of how sexual preferences are established
fantasy_5 I believe that what you’re stating would be considered more of sexual orientation rather than sexual preference. My question was do you believe that people are born gay or is it a learned behavior? Based on the research that you have conducted, site your findings. @industryimage
industryimage @fantasy_5 no, what I’m saying is Preference, because the birth will still be either male or female as far as Orientation…
fantasy_5 Okay so again, Are people born gay or is it a learned behavior? @industryimage By definition: sex·u·al o·ri·en·ta·tion—– is a person’s sexual identity in relation to the gender to which they are attracted; the fact of being heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. The word gender simply defines whether you are a male or female.
fantasy_5 Sexual preference is similar to sexual orientation so what you’re saying is not 100% incorrect. If you compare the two…, but I still wonder about your opinion in reference to the post it’s self. @industryimage thanks for your response.
created2_zamar There are also ppl who are black and choose to hate themselves or the qualities of themselves and choose look more European, Asian, Indian, etc. Not all homosexuals are hated just those that do not share there same views or thoughts. I feel as if, against how others may view a person or what someone does, a person will fight for what makes them happy with themselves at the end of the day. I think it’s more on a mental aspect. Just like eating, you come out of the womb with hunger, so you eat whatever is given. The more you evolve you start to choose things that you favor the tastes of. We all may look at one another but not all have a sexual desire or have a lustful thought of the person that we see. To ask if someone has a hunger gene is just as strange as asking if someone has a gay gene. If we were born with a gay gene, in my opinion, the Lord would have created us with genitals that were used for multiple purposes other than making us either male or female. @fantasy_5
fantasy_5 Now that I can agree with… some people do hate themselves no matter what race they are be it black or otherwise. I also agree with your response in reference to hunger. I personally didn’t mention people having or not having a gay gene, however, I do understand your response. BTW, there are people that are in fact born with both sex organs ( hermaphrodite). Now whether or not they use them for multiple purposes. .. I’m not sure. I would need to conduct further research or ask someone that is a hermaphrodite. @created2_zamar and yes, they were created by the Lord. Thanks for your response queen. I appreciate it. ♡♡♡
created2_zamar Yw. I love a good, intellectual,
fantasy_5 Lol yasssss! I tell people all of the time that you can debate or agree to disagree, but still be positive and respectful. Through it all we learn things as we travel down this road called life and most importantly we learn more about each other. @created2_zamar 💓💓💓💓💓
created2_zamar I couldn’t agree with you @fantasy_5


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“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the abolity to move mountains with their minds.”

Different is Beautiful


★彡🇼🇭🇪🇳✖ 🇾🇴🇺✖ 🇷🇪🇩🇺🇨🇪 ✖🇱🇮🇫🇪✖ 🇹🇴✖ 🇧🇱🇦🇨🇰 ✖🇦🇳🇩✖ 🇼🇭🇮🇹🇪✖🇾🇴🇺✖🇳🇪🇻🇪🇷✖ 🇸🇪🇪✖ 🇷🇦🇮🇳🇧🇴🇼🇸🆗彡★

If you’re lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, or questioning there is nothing that will change that. You can either live your life as a lie and die early from stress, or embrace and accept who you are. It’s your choice. It’s your life.

The world is not divided into sheeps and goats. Not all things are black nor all things white. It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories. Only the human mind invents categories and tries to force facts into separated pigeon-holes. The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects. The sooner we learn this concerning sexual behavior the sooner we shall reach a sound understanding of the realities of sex. – Alfred Kinsey

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R.I.P. Mike Brown #Ferguson


Rest in peace. Your memory lives vicariously through those of us that want change.

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▒ That
▒ ▒▒
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▒See In The World.

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Pray for World Peace

°°°·.°·..·°¯°·._.·✊🇼🇴🇷🇱🇩 ✖ 🇵🇪🇦🇨🇪✌·._.·°¯°·.·° .·°°°

I’m praying for world peace. Will you pray with me? This world can be a cold and lonely place at times. Spread love, not hate. Study war no more. If you see something say something.

Pay it forward by being a blessing to someone else no matter who they are. Pray for them more than you pray for yourself.

Peace and love are color blind and unselfish. They don’t practice a specific religion, and it do not reside in any particular part of the world.

Everything that is happening in the world whether it be homelessness, racism, murder, or war can happen to you and your loved ones. NEVER FORGET.


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I Wish that Heaven had a Phone


I wish that Heaven had a phone so I
could hear your voice again.

I thought of you today, but that is nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday, and the days before too.

I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.

All I have are memories and a photo in a frame.

Your memory is a keepsake, from which I’ll never part.

God has you in his arms and I will forever have you in my heart.

Gone, but not forgotten. Rest on!


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Essence Music Festival #2014===> Throwback Thursday or Nah?

NASThe Essence Festival 2014 Kick off party was mad awesome!!! Yes, this is an extremely late post, but it’s just in time for Throwback Thursday. We had old school and new school performances, but all were sheer perfection. K. Michelle and Tre Songz rocked the dome. Nas closed out the night and made us all feel like we ruled the world. If you visited the the city of New Orleans, during Essence Festival Weekend, and hung out with people from all across the globe then good for you. If you missed out… well, below you’ll find just a few of the many reasons why you shouldn’t make that same mistake next year

The night clubs in the French Quarters and the warehouse district were on a popping. Every year Red Carpet Events‘ “Takeover” party closes out the Festival. At that rocking party attendees can always expect to bump into some of their favorite celebrities. By the way the Essence Music Festival just celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary. What does Essence Music Festival’s 20 year anniversary mean to you? I bet you’re wondering what the atmosphere was like in the dome during and after the performances. Okay… I’ll spill the beans just for now.

Next year you’ll have to experience all of the royal madness yourself.

Below I’ll tease you with mini videos of Nas (s) and Tre Songz (s) fly performances. Baby, (New Orleans voice) when I tell you… it was hella hot ( 3 alarm fire hot) in the dome. It’s too bad I didn’t get a snippet of K. Michelle‘s performance, but her personality and smile are a plus ten. Girlfriend owned the press room. She is educated and speaks really well. Fellas just in case you are wondering the diva is super fit. That body is a hidden treasure of one million diamonds. **Looks in the mirror at my slim fine body and starts to cry* ((LOL)) just joking, but hey K. you geaux ( go) girl!

It is my sincere hope that you enjoyed reliving Essence Music Festival 2014‘s priceless moments just as much as I did. I’ll see you next year.


“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds.”

“Publicists are Super Humans, Not Super Heroes”


Do you understand what a publicist’s job entails and when you should hire one? It consists of far more than sending e-blasts, image consulting, and damage control. You must also have talent and a great product. A good/connected publicist will open windows of opportunity, break down barriers, and help you accomplish things that would be difficult for you to acquire on your own. An even better one will do all of the above, be your spokesperson, advisor, and so much more.


A:) Do you have a Finished Project?

B:) Have you created your own buzz to the point where you’re receiving word of mouth advertisement, and your fans are participating in social and other types sharing?

C:) Are you being contacted via phone to make guest appearances on T.V., at events, etc.? 

D:) How far is your reach? In other words, who is aware of your brand outside of the city/state where you reside?

E:) It also takes time to build a campaign. Do you have the time and money to invest in the areas that are necessary to catapult your brand

Some Boutique P.R. firms may cost several hundreds of dollars per month. Bigger firms and other boutique firms’ retainers can cost anywhere from $2,500-$10,000 (this rate includes, but is not limited to press kits, videograpers, and distribution.) If your response to any of the aforementioned questions is “NO” then you have more work to do! I know that you may personally feel that you’re the best at what you do, but in the business it’s more about how fans, investors, and stakeholders, etc. See you as opposed to how you see yourself!

What are others really saying about you and/or your product? Are you shining on your own? Everything that can be done has already been done, but you can add your personal touch or put a spin on things so that you stand out. Contact a publicist when you need one, not when you’re ready. ***Did you catch that?*** ♡♡♡ Fantasy♡♡♡

BTW, I am not a publicist, but we do specialize in marketing and branding via social media. Keiani Enterprises Social Media Agency provides a vast array of services. Check out our website Http:// to learn more.


“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds.”

Grammy Recording Academy’s “Where is the Love? The Future of R&B”==> Recap

Photo by: Rommel Walker Edited by: @fantasy_5

Photos by: Rommel Walker
Edited by: @fantasy_5

This past Saturday I attended the Grammy Recording Academy’s “Where is the Love? The Future of R&B” panel discussion and networking reception. It was held in the city of New Orleans during Essence Festival weekend at Tomas Bistro, which is located in the heart of the Warehouse District. I was all eyes and ears as I tightly gripped my composition notebook and pen. The silence of the audience was so loud that it was deafening… and then there was the panel. The voices of Panelists: Myisha Brooks (VP, Creative Relations & Marketing, Motown Records), Carl Chery (Head of Hip-Hop/R&B Programming at Beats Music), Raheem DeVaughn (GRAMMY-nominee), and Tank (GRAMMY-nominee), led by Johnnie Walker (Executive Director Memphis and Shelby Country Music Commission | Formerly Def Jam), echoed in perfect harmony like a mass choir on Easter Sunday. I don’t know if Hip Hop is dead, but R&B is very much alive! Take my hand and embark upon this enchanting journey with me; together you and I will get educated about the current state of R&B, why Essence Festival is important to R&B, the role we can play in shining a light on R&B music, and how the Grammy Recording Academy can be a part of the solution.




Tank: It’s going to take a collective effort from radio and from the arts to put this music in proper perspective, in a sense to where everyone has equal opportunity. I don’t feel that R & B held its ground when Hip Hop started coming in… when it became profitable we abandoned R&B music. The Jill Scott (s) and the Ledisi (s) of the world should always sell one million records. There is a disconnect, between the fans and the artists, because of the quality of music. The quality of the radio does not mix. We need people to love every song from the intro to the outro. There was a time when R & B and Hip Hop had their own separate charts, but somehow they got fused together.

We are two separate people; we are not the same person. We would like to see more R&B.


Myisha Brooks

Myisha Brooks

Myiesha: It’s about the artistry. We need rallies like this and we need forums like this in order to engage. We also have to be creative and innovate. It’s about sales, placement, beats music, google play, Spotify, etc. It’s about teaching/ educating consumers about the different revenue streams of music and how they can support them whether it is merchandise or it’s going to the shelves. It’s also about the quality of the music. If you’re looking at radio for face value… it’s not a fit. The quality and the radio usually doesn’t mix which is why less people support and buy full albums. We need to go back and take it back to when we had full bodies of work, comprehensive albums from the intro to the outro, you loved every song not just a single. We can’t allow everything to be R&B just because it has a melody.

Live music has always been a way to express ourselves no one can duplicate or copy that.


Raheem DaVaughn

Raheem DaVaughn

Raheem Davaugn: You’re responsible for you. Once you build a connection with your fans you will create a bond that can’t ever be broken. That bond will last forever if it’s cultivated. There are plenty of spaces, but there are some realms that we have to fight to get into. There’s two separate parts of the Grammy (s). There is a televised version and there is a portion that is not. It is two separate ceremonies. The internet shouldn’t be used just to get on the radio. If you have the right kind of music, the right kind of skills, and the right kind of set to be able to fill a room the phone will start ringing. Music is color blind. It’s a color blind emotion. Don’t be mad at the white guy because he does R&B if he’s genuinely a student of culture. Don’t be made at the Asian artists and don’t be mad at the diverse black artist that loves house music. It’s about growth. The way that the Grammy’s works… you’re voting among your peers. If more of your peers know about you and are familiar with your music they’ll vote for you. Don’t make music for the radio. Radio is a major influencer, but it’s also one of the last places where people are going to get their out -source of music.

Make music from the heart, make music from the spirit, make music from the soul.

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker: As long as negativity is being put before them (people) they’re going to support it and the negativity will continue. Positive music continues to dwindle. We have voices from the record label side of things, we have voices from you (audience), and we have the voice of technology. You ask: Did the success of white artists like Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke detract or enhance the R& B genre? Timberlake isn’t universally perceived as an R&B artist. Country Music was country then and it is country today. We’ve been black, we’ve been soulful.

If a person isn’t passionate and they’re passive then they’ll move on. Many people don’t understand the process. We have to rearrange our passion for the culture that we’re representing.


Carl Chery

Carl Chery

Carl Chery: People have to know that the music being made is good. We’re putting the responsibility on them, but they may not know it’s there. They may not be familiar with the artist. We’ve been talking about radio, but we didn’t say much of anything about media. The journalist (s), the vibe magazines of the world they have a responsibility also.

The internet isn’t the only way to get the music out there.”





There you have it folks. The panel just gave you the R&B tea and food for thought. Although, there was a great networking reception, after the panel discussion, which featured sounds by DJ i:Wah the Beat Priest let’s keep the momentum going. It doesn’t stop just because the panel has ended. It begins and is a defining moment every time the light of music touches our lives. What will you do to see that R&B music and R&B artists continue to get the respect and love that they rightfully deserve? The ball’s in your court.

Reid Wick (upper left), Sean Ardoin (upper left 2), Johnnie Walker (upper right center), Raheem DaVaughn (far left center), Carl Chery (left center), Myisha Brooks (center), Kelly T. (far right center), Camika Bajoie (far bottom left), The Panelists (farbottom right)

Reid Wick (upper left), Sean Ardoin (upper left 2), Johnnie Walker (upper right center), Raheem DaVaughn (far left center), Carl Chery (left center), Myisha Brooks (center), Kelly Purcell (far right center), Camika Bajoie (far bottom left), The Panelists (far bottom right)

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Follow Me on Instagram and Twitter @fantasy_5 ! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.









“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds.”


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